The first formation left the tarmac Challes -les- Eaux this Saturday, April 28 around 10:30, opening the road to all other formations, and conducted with a “hand of masters” by Olivier Ronveaux. Each formation is then spaced by ten minutes, and after an hour, all the VL3s were in the air aiming for the same destination, such as migratory birds. The weather, rather lenient sunny at the beginning, proved much less friendly at the approach of Spain with a lot of wind and even sometimes a slight drizzle.

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Under our wings, the landscapes followed one another, offering at times, magnificent snow-capped alpine peaks, a Mediterranean coast with its long beaches and numerous marinas, or extraordinary fields of olive culture with shimmering colors. .

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After being “beaten” for more than 5 hours of flight, all the crews have joined Casarrubios Del Monte – LEMT aerodrome (south-west of Madrid), welcomed by the JMB Aircraft Spain team. , represented by Francisco and his wife Ana.
On the parking, the 19 machines, lined up like good soldiers, will wait until their occupants recover from this first long day of flight.